Say hello to the Zodiac Family!

Say hello to the Zodiac Family!

Here comes a star-studded premiere! Finally, my new sculpture series "The Zodiac Family" has landed!

This family is a motley bunch, with different personalities and characteristics, which we can all identify with. They represent the twelve signs of the zodiac, and if you listen carefully, they might whisper the secret messages of the stars in your ear. Which one speaks to you?


Sticker party!

Sticker party!

Paper stickers
The paper stickers are printed on self-adhesive photo paper and fit nicely in notebooks, calendars, on letters, gift wrapping, scrapbooking and other crafts. They can withstand a little "splash" without the print smearing, but are meant to be used indoors on paper and other things. They are sold on sheets of several stickers of different sizes together.


Vinyl stickers
Vinyl stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl, a durable material with good adhesion. They have UV protection and withstand water and weather, so they can be placed outdoors for years without getting ugly. In other words, you can...

When will I get my order?



Are you in a hurry to get your goods, or want to make sure the peggygram arrives in time for the day of notice?

In that case, think about ordering with a little forethought. I always ship as quickly as possible, but I am a one-man business and unforeseen events or large orders may prevent me from packing and shipping on the same day. The packages are normally picked up by the carrier before 11:00 in the morning, orders received after 10:00 are sent...

The gorgeous gems are here!

Finally, they have arrived, the new springy and lovely members of the Peggy family! Giggling Jade in beautiful turquoise green, Smiling Amethyst in a soft purple tone, and adorable Curious Rose Quartz in blush pink. It's been a long wait, but just in time for Easter they hit the shop, and surely you'll be happy to see them? You can find them here!
Which will be your favorite?

Peggy up the walls!



After being asked if my illustrations can be made as prints or posters to hang on the wall, I decided to try printing them as print-on-demand.


I use Gelato, a printing service with printers in Sweden and with good quality. When you buy a poster, the order goes to their print shop, which sends it piping hot straight to your home.
No detours or things being pushed unnecessarily and sitting gathering dust...

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