common questions

Do you make the figures yourself?
I work as a designer for Nääsgränsgården, and they handle the actual production of my figures. However, they are all made after originals that I created.

What material are the figures made of?
Nääsgränsgården specializes in using a casting material based on marble sand called polystone. It is similar to ceramic in weight, feel and durability.

Can you sculpt a figure according to my special requests?
Unfortunately, I am unable to make special orders.

I've seen your figures in other colorways on Instagram, can I order them here?
It happens that I paint individual figures in other colors, but the ones sold here are only Nääsgränsgården's standard range. I only sell my "specials" during special events on Instagram, but if you follow me there, you have a chance to buy one at the next opportunity. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to do unique order jobs.

Can I buy these figures in a physical store somewhere?
Yes, Nääsgränsgården has many dealers in Sweden and other countries, but personally I do not have information about which figures are sold where. On Nääsgränsgården's website, you can search for retailers near you, but note that they also sell products from other designers and that you need to contact the store directly to see if they have my figures in there.

I run a store, how do I become a reseller of your figures?
How funny that you want to sell my figures! Contact Nääsgränsgården at , to register interest.

I miss this specific figure, it seems to be out of stock in the webshop. Will it come in again?
Sometimes something is temporarily out of stock, and sometimes certain sculptures are discontinued when Nääsgränsgården has stopped manufacturing them. Send me a message and I can give a more detailed answer!

How long will it take for my order to arrive if I order today?
Usually I send the order within 2 working days and then it takes between 1-3 working days for it to arrive, within Sweden. If your order is extra urgent, contact me and I will prioritize it!  For international shipping, the time varies of course. Before Christmas or other things that affect mail handling, it is good to be out in extra good time. During my holiday, I also need slightly longer delivery times, but this will be advertised in the webshop in that case.

can i visit you

I don't have my own shop or workshop that is open to visitors, unfortunately, but sometimes I show up at a market or fair, and then of course it's fun if you want to say hello! Keep an eye on social media.
If you live near Lödöse and want to avoid shipping on your order, it is also possible to contact me and arrange a time for picking up your goods.

Are your figures suitable for giving to younger children?

The figures are not to be considered toys. Just like ceramic or porcelain figurines, they break easily if dropped and can result in shards that can injure you or cause suffocation. Although the material is harmless in normal handling, it is not made to be put in the mouth. Therefore, I recommend that the figures are kept out of the reach of small children, and if they are placed in children's rooms, they should be on a high shelf, preferably with a little adhesive or double-sided tape underneath to reduce the risk of them falling down.

Can the figures withstand outdoor use?

Yes and no. Most of my figures are designed for indoor use, unless otherwise stated. The material they are made of can withstand temperatures down to -15 C, and the colors are water-resistant. On the other hand, the color can be faded by weather and wind during prolonged exposure, and as several figures are small and light, there is a risk that they will blow over and break. Therefore, place them with care and feel free to bring them inside during severe weather or extreme cold. Also keep in mind that the material is not biodegradable and that figures or shards must not be left behind in nature. I do not replace figures that are broken due to outdoor use unless they are expressly made for this purpose.


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