Get to know the designer

"I got the clay with the mother's milk, you could say."

My unbridled creativity has always been my greatest asset, drive and source of joy. As a child, I was often ill, and spent a lot of time at home in my mother's pottery workshop, where I played out small figures from clay and where my imagination was allowed to flow freely. I learned early on how these little creations could bring comfort and spread joy both to myself and others. That's probably why it has always seemed so natural for me to express myself in that way.

The interest in crafts has always been there. After studying aesthetics in high school, I went to an arts and crafts line at a folk high school in Tidaholm with a focus on silversmithing, and then went on to study at a vocational school for goldsmiths in Falköping. For a while I worked with graphic design but lacked the practical craftsmanship and trained as an Attribute Maker for film and theater at LTU in Skellefteå. After my studies, I chose to build on my skills with a mixed crafts education in Tibro, where I learned gilding, decorative painting and sculpture, among other things. During the training, I received the offer to participate in a design fair with a product of my choice and realized that what was closest at hand for me was to sculpt a series of ornamental elves. The mud and the interest in sculpture had always accompanied me and it came so naturally to me that this was exactly what I was going to do. At the fair, I got in touch with Nääsgränsgården - one of Sweden's leading companies in decorative figures, and we began a collaboration. Shortly afterwards, I started my own company and through Nääsgränsgården I launched my first own characters.

As a designer for Nääsgränsgården, I not only create individual figures, but there is often a lot of time and thought behind each concept. Together with their product managers, we come up with ideas we believe in and it is an inspiring collaboration. My task is then to sketch out what the product should look like, and then sculpt an original in clay. This is then sent to Nääsgränsgården's producers, who after a process of sampling, coloring and adjustments will hopefully result in a finished sculpture. Nääsgränsgården is in production and has contact with several retailers around the world. For a couple of years now, I have also been one of these resellers through this web shop.

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