Nyhet! Möt Tundrans coola invånare!

Created by Stina Jarenskog

Figures that spread color and joy

Gifts with symbolism and feeling

Characters with a twinkle in their eye

Brings happiness to every occasion

Welcome to my world!

My name is Stina Jarenskog and I work as a sculptor and designer for Nääsgränsgården.
My world is populated by elves, little ones, angels, animals and mischievous children, all with a twinkle in their eye and ready to charm you. In my web shop, I hope you will find someone who speaks to you, or who will be an appreciated gift to someone you care about.

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Ett Peggygram- en inslaget paket innehållande en prydnadsfigur som kan beställas direkt hem till en vän.

Surprise someone with a Peggygram!


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