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Are you in a hurry to get your goods, or want to make sure the peggygram arrives in time for the day of notice?

In that case, think about ordering with a little forethought. I always ship as quickly as possible, but I am a one-man business and unforeseen events or large orders may prevent me from packing and shipping on the same day. The packages are normally picked up by the carrier before 11:00 in the morning, orders received after 10:00 are sent the following weekday.

The shipping time is usually 1 day (but it can take up to 3 days, especially to the northern part of the country) and is sent with Postnord Mypack small which is often very reliable but unfortunately I cannot provide any guarantees for the handling of the mail. Larger orders/bulky packages are sent with DHL, which has a shipping time of 1-3 days. International shipments of course take even longer, depending on where they are going.

I also do not have the opportunity to send packages on weekends/red days. In the weeks before Christmas, there is also an extra heavy load for both me and the post office. If I'm away/on vacation, that will also affect the time it takes to send packages. ( In that case, I will announce it in the information banner at the top of the front page of the webshop, as well as here in the blog and on social media.)

I therefore recommend that you ordersmallest4 working days in advance if you want to be sure that the package will arrive by a specific date. If you are in a hurry, I would also appreciate it if you let me know this in connection with the order so that I can prioritize your package!


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