Updated Peggygram - new cards and angels!

Before Christmas, I launched the Peggygram concept, which meant that you could order home a wrapped Peggy as well as a card with a handwritten greeting directly to a friend. It turned out to be very popular, and I've had requests if a less Christmasy version could be made.

Therefore, I have now updated with three more cards that work all year round, and also added new options for wrapping paper.

In addition, you can now also choose a Gift Angel instead of a Peggy! The gift angels are intended as perfect gifts, with an accompanying message that is suitable for most occasions. Whether you want to give someone a well-wish, hug or show your gratitude or how much your relationship means to you - there is a little angel ready to deliver the message. Just remember to fill out the form to specify your wishes, the link is in the product description!

Angels notwithstanding, I still think it should continue to be called Peggygram. It sounds better than Figurogram, or Angelogram. Or do you have a better suggestion?

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