Peggy up the walls!



After being asked if my illustrations can be made as prints or posters to hang on the wall, I decided to try printing them as print-on-demand.


I use Gelato, a printing service with printers in Sweden and with good quality. When you buy a poster, the order goes to their print shop, which sends it piping hot straight to your home.
No detours or things being pushed unnecessarily and sitting gathering dust in a warehouse. In this way, it will be both cheaper and better for the environment!


IBefore adding the service to the webshop, I tried placing an order myself to see how it went, and I'm very happy! The print is nice, the paper is strong and of high quality, and even though I wrote the wrong address, the printed matter quickly found its way to my home. 😅


Just keep in mind that Print-on-demand means that I will not have any posters in my own inventory, which means that it is not possible to ship them together with my other products. The shipping price is calculated separately at checkout.


So far I've posted eight different designs, but if there's interest I'll add more, and maybe even other printed products?

You can find the posters here.

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